Sami Najafi
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       Dynamic Pricing Under Consumerís Sequential Search, with S. Najafi, C.G. Lee, and S. Nahmias.

Under review at Management Science, 2017. [Download paper]


       How Freemium Gets Consumers To Pay A Premium: The Role of Loss-Aversion, with A. Tsay, N. Mishra, and S. Najafi.

Under review at Marketing Science, 2017.[Download paper]


†† The Optimality Conditions for Continuous Demand Distributions with Independent Increments.

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       Cost-per-Impression Pricing and Campaign Delivery for Online Display Advertising, with V. Araman and K. Fridgeirsdottir.

In preparation, 2017.


       Managing Digital Advertising Campaigns, with N. Agrawal and S. Smith.

In preparation, 2017.


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In preparation, 2015.