Sami Najafi
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†† Cost Per Click Pricing for Display Advertising, with K. Fridgeirsdottir.

†††† Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2014, Vol 16, No 4, Pages 482-497. [Download paper]


†† Newsvendor Selling to Loss Averse Consumers with Stochastic Reference Points, with O. Baron, M. Hu, and Q. Qian.

†††† Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2015, Vol 17, No 4, Pages 456-469. [Download paper]


†† Cost-Per-Impression Pricing for Display Advertising, with K. Fridgeirsdottir.

††††† Operations Research, 2017, Forthcoming. [Download paper]††


       Dynamic Pricing Under Consumerís Sequential Search, with S. Najafi, C.G. Lee, and S. Nahmias.

Under review. [Download paper]


       How Freemium Gets Consumers To Pay A Premium: The Role of Loss-Aversion, with A. Tsay, N. Mishra, and S. Najafi.

Under revision.[Download paper]


       Optimization of Operational Decisions in Digital Advertising: A Literature Review, with N. Agrawal, and S. Smith.

Under review.


†† The Optimality Conditions for Continuous Demand Distributions with Independent Increments.

Working paper (technical note), 2010. [Download paper]





       Managing Digital Advertising Campaigns, with N. Agrawal and S. Smith.

In progress.


       Cost-per-Impression Pricing and Campaign Delivery for Online Display Advertising, with V. Araman and K. Fridgeirsdottir.

In progress.